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Doc appointment  
12:32pm 20/08/2009
Went to the west clinic for my monthly appointment yesterday. Everything looks good, and I don't have to come back for 3 months! Woohoo! I did have a new nurse doing my blood draw from my port, didn't do it quite right and so another nurse had to come twist and poke and hurt to fix it. Then my shot (which goes in my upper butt), was given by a nurse who uses the stabbing method of giving shots. It actually bled and I know have a bruise there, on top of a sore muscle. I usually don't have any problems like that, guess it was just an off day, lol.

School is going good so far. Got a new student today who is 'one of those' talkers... I like talkers, but there's a line between talking and manipulating the conversation. She kept on and on about everything. Oh well. :)
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