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Day 2 and Day 3  
12:30pm 20/08/2009
We are planning on making Wednesdays our rest days, because I get home so late on Wednesdays. This week though I went to Oxford on Tuesday instead, so we made that our rest day. Yesterday was day 3, we did Cardio. It was hard but not too bad, and fairly short compared to the other discs. I keep forgetting to drink my V8s every day though, gonna have to work on that. :) Still sore.
tags: p90x
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Day 1  
06:55pm 17/08/2009
Today's P90x dvd was Core Synergystics. Worked just about every single muscle in my body. Of course, my lower abs have been screaming at me all day whenever I sit up just from the fit test yesterday. I think tomorrow I will be even sorer. But, I was able to complete a lot of the workout, more than I expected. And I drank my V8. Tomorrow is Cardio X.

tags: p90x
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07:44pm 16/08/2009
--Northwest starts Tuesday, I'm excited to get back to teaching. I'm teaching 2 in-person classes and 3 online. I'm ready, bring it!
--We still have a lot of paperwork to finish so we can send it all in to the department of family services, then wait to get a home visit, etc. But we are on our way to adopting!
--My birthday was a blast!
--I'm trying to get teaching stuff done ahead of time so that I will be able to work on my comps papers. I really need to finish my PhD this year.
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Day 0  
07:41pm 16/08/2009
So Cody and I decided to try to do P90x. Today was the fit test. I could barely pass most of the exercises, and there were 2 I couldn't pass at all. So technically I'm not even supposed to start the program yet. But oh well, I think I'm gonna try anyway. I'll be posting on here about my progress. Sorry if it gets boring, but maybe it will motivate me a bit. I'm not going to do the full diet thing but will try to incorporate healthy ideas into my lifestyle. For the first week, my diet goal is to drink a V8 every day (since I hate most vegetables, I know I don't get enough of them).
tags: p90x
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Race for the cure  
08:32pm 05/08/2009

Support me! Any amount helps!
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Pictures of Memphis, karaoke, and NKOTB  
09:56am 14/07/2009
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Wow an update from me! :)  
11:56am 13/07/2009
--Done with radiation. Woohoo! Now just checkups and pills and shots and such. Easy-peasy!
--Hair is growing back, I wore it spiky the other night. Will post pictures soon. :)
--Sorority life on facebook is addictive. Not sure why, other than it gives me something to do that is basically mindless (and you get to play dress up!).
--Couldn't find anyone to go with me to AI auditions, so I guess that's over. Maybe one day I'll find a band that needs a part-time lead singer, lol.
--We are going out karaoking August 7th to celebrate Rachel's and my birthdays. Come if you can! :)
--Turned in the MS state adoption/foster form. Haven't heard anything yet.
--Rachel's mom's close friend runs a home for pregnant teens. Some of the teens give their babies up for adoption, by picking a family by looking at scrapbooks. I have one more page to do and then I'm sending in our scrapbook. :) I'll post pics of it too.
--Cody and I are in the early stages of house hunting. We are thinking Hernando/Bridgetown area.
--I guess that's it for now, hope everyone is doing well! :D
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American Idol?  
10:33am 25/06/2009
Anyone know anyone who's ever auditioned for American Idol? I can't believe I'm even considering it, I know it's a waste of time and money, but this is the last year I'm eligible. Thoughts?

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Relay for life  
07:51am 05/06/2009
I know it's last minute, but my MIL signed us up last minute. I haven't done anything to personalize my page, but if anyone wants to donate like $5 or whatever, here's the link: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY09MS?px=11669721&pg=personal&fr_id=15372&fl=en_US&et=UmY5yhlb4wIs9vX1kEv0AQ..&s_tafId=268640
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Quick Update  
07:38am 05/06/2009
I realize I haven't posted here (or much of anywhere) for awhile. I do keep up with facebook statuses though. :) I am just beginning to get a burn under my arm from radiation. I've done 15 treatments and have 20 to go. I plucked my first gray hair this morning. I'm doing Relay for Life tonight. My insurance won't cover Zometa as preventative. Gonna be a bridesmaid the middle of this month; hope I'm not too burned to wear my fake boob. Don't see my medical oncologist again till the end of the month. "Did they get it all" and "Are you gonna be ok" are questions I am sick of hearing because there is no answer to them. Cody's grandfather (who[m?] he was really close to) is in a nursing home, probably close to death. I used to be sad when I saw old people because they looked so frail; now I just hope my body has the strength to make it to 'old.' Antidepressants are starting to kick in I think; I haven't cried in almost a week. I need to make a collage of my hair growth. Need any clarification on the above, just ask! :D
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